Bespoke Design and Build

Our philosophy is quite simple.  We want to help you create the home furniture that you actually want, rather than having to compromise.  

As everything we do is only made to order, you can have the design that you want, in a size that suits you and your home and in the fabric or leather of your choosing.

Whether you want a simple footstool, small chair, matching sofas for yourself and your partner but in sizes that suit each of you, or a bespoke Cinema/Media room sofa, we can help. 

Most commissions start off with a simple chat to run through ideas. 

Client Project 1 :  Adaptable Seating for beach fronted property.

The client wanted simple but adaptable seating for the first floor open-plan room overlooking the Solent.  The furniture was fixed in place by locking castors, which could be easily release and the furniture manoeuvred around the room for adaptable seating configurations. 

Client Project 2 :  Corner / angled sofa for shallow bay window.

The client wanted a corner sofa and wanted it to sit into the bay window area, which was quite shallow and also angled in.  There were a few constraints as the window section needed to be more shallow than the main longer sofa and left enough room to allow for a media cupboard to be opened and accessed.   To solve the issue of what to do with the corner section between the double arm, an angled lamp table was made.

Client Project 3 :  Breakfast island seating.

The client had asked for design options for a raised breakfast island seating area.  Various design options were put forward before deciding on a simple design (option 4) but with an increased seat depth and lower back.

Client Project 4 :  Boutique Hotel

A range of indiviually specified and designed upholstered bedroom chairs, lounge sofas, bar, breakfast room and lobby upholstery for European Boutique hotel.

A selection of Bespoke design commissions undertaken.

We carry out for a wide range of clients.  These are some of the designs and commission we have created in the past. 

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